20 years of innovation

The journey from a research breakthrough to an innovation that improves the lives for people can vary in any number of ways. We have collected a selection of such journeys from Karolinska Institutet in the fields of Diagnostics, Medtech, Biotech, Digital Health, Social Innovation and Pharma. We hope that every one of them gives you an inspirational snapshot of the process that takes ideas to innovation.

Here we present selection of stories from the past 20 years of innovation. There are of course many more excellent examples to highlight, and many more individuals who have been crucial in the process of transforming research results into societal benefit. We have attempted to provide an idea of the variety of what is done here at Karolinska Institutet.

A variety that sustains our leading position in research and development that we see today.

We hope to inspire an increase understanding about innovation.

Rising stars


November 16th, 2022|

Stratipath Breast is an AI-based image analysis and decision support platform that aims to reduce the incidence of breast cancer relapse. Stratipath received early-stage support from Karolinska Innovations and the product is now going from being a pilot project to being rolled out in hospitals nationwide.

Gesynta Pharma

January 22nd, 2021|

In 2020, Gesynta raised SEK 190 million in one of the year’s largest private biotech investments in the Nordic region. Now the company is one step closer to a new drug for systemic sclerosis. The future promises several innovative treatments for a number of inflammatory diseases, including cardiovascular disease and cancer.