Inspiring others to develop their ideas

KI Innovations’ mission is to inform and inspire Karolinska Institutet students and staff to take another look at their ideas and research results, a look from the perspective of patients and society. With the right support and advice these ideas can grow into fruitful innovations that can help solve challenges in today’s healthcare.

Our task is to provide each idea with the best possible support and network needed to harness its benefit for society.

We strive to provide the support needed to transform ideas into innovations that can be implemented and make a genuine difference. This has so far resulted in many ideas ultimately having a significant influence on the development of today’s healthcare.

This booklet highlights a few of the many examples of how research at Karolinska Institutet creates value. It also highlights how innovation, by creating bridges to other fields of expertise, can enrich the research of the inventors. And it illustrates the impressive power of commitment that drives the inventors. Also, the creativity and drive from our idea-rich students is resulting in a raft of innovations. They provide fresh eyes and new solutions in situations we take for granted. This freedom of thought can offer unexpected ways to improve things.

We are here for all Karolinska Institutet staff. Our support is most useful when we are in a position to coach a project throughout its lifetime: from academic research results to commercial deal or product.

Our aim is to inspire others to make the step towards taking their ideas to the next level. There is so much to be gained – for individuals and for the development of society as a whole.

The wellbeing of tomorrow is built with the raw material of knowledge, and research is the engine that drives its development.

Our support is provided without any demand other than your commitment to succeed.

Lilian Wikström, CEO KI Innovations

“Knowledge, research and innovation are the drivers in the development of tomorrow’s society”