KI Science Park Day 2023

Welcome to KI Science Park DAY!

Welcome to an inspiring day built around community, sharing, learning, and evolving. This day will leave you full of new knowledge and contacts and the feeling of anything is possible if we make use of the network that we have and create together.

Moderator: Charlotte af Klercker, Corporate Sustainability Director at BioArctic.

Meet the winners of Karolinska Institutets prize for Innovation and Utilization 2023

The prize is awarded to one or more researchers who distinguished themselves through outstanding utilization of research results that led to an innovation. The award 2023 goes Johan Hartman and Mattias Rantalainen. They are rewarded for improving cancer diagnostics with innovative research and inspiring working methods.

We look forward to sharing this day with you all!


Evenemanget är avslutat.


nov 15 2023


12:15 - 17:00