Trio Impact Invest

Published 24 October, 2023News

KTH Holding AB, SU Holding and KI Holding AB have been appointed as new fund managers by the Swedish Growth Agency for regional venture capital in the Stockholm region. Together, they now, like many foreign universities, want to create a stronger collaboration between public, private and non-profit capital with the aim of strengthening Stockholm’s ability to develop and scale up deeptech companies for increased future competitiveness.

“A strengthened collaboration between private, public and non-profit capital is a prerequisite for Sweden to succeed in maintaining our position as a country of innovation. Funds linked to foreign universities, mainly in the UK and the USA, have for a long time been financed with non-profit capital. Trio Impact Invest has all the prerequisites to succeed as the first Swedish university investment in this work,” says Johan Weigelt, CEO Karolinska Institutet Holding AB