Our companies

These are our companies currently part of our Business Incubator DRIVE


3N Bio

3N Bio is a life science-start-up that set out as a spin-off from Karolinska Institutet. They are committed to increase  efficiency, safety and speed...

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Molecular Attraction

Molecular Attraction is a Swedish biotechnology company that develops sustainable solutions to control and modify insect’s and pest’s behavior. We are changing mosquito control...

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BIld av bdyczewski från Pixabay


AmyloiDia is a medtech company founded by researchers from Karolinska Institutet and Stockholm University that is built on our invention of a method that...

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Acute heart failure is the most common cause of hospitalization. Chronic heart failure (leading to worsening and thus acute heart failure) is among the...

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APLEX Bio develops reagents that enable highly parallelized detection of biomarkers in a disruptively easy and cost-efficient way. The technology is set to allow...

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Basic Genomics

Develops innovative methodology for research in life sciences that enables cost-effective characterization of long RNA molecules in large numbers of individual cells and tissues.

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CMRad webbaserat stöd för att tyda röntgenbilder

Collective Minds Radiology® (CMRadiology)

A cloud-based healthcare service for collaboration, consultation and access to new digital tools and human expertise. Collective Minds is the new radiology workspace. A...

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Develops a tailor-made “plug-and-play” solution, for gene editing, to streamline currently time-consuming workflows. This will  further accelerate research and development in the field of...

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Seber Medical develops innovative wound care solutions in close collaboration with top clinicians and researchers globally. Their wound monitoring application SeeWound supports clinicians by...

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Developerations bild på sjukhus


-Developing surgery for life Developeration AB is developing a new and unique method for treatment of hemorrhoids, called PexyEazy®. PexyEazy® is an innovative medical...

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Digital Diabetes Analytics

Our goal is to provide a digital decision support system that enables people with insulin-treated diabetes to live life to the fullest, be flexible...

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FenoMark Diagnostics

FenoMark Diagnostics develops diagnostic assays for matching cancer patients with the best treatment.

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Geras Solutions

-Creates digitalised diagnostic and supportive solutions for individuals impacted by dementia around the globe An AI-based diagnosis support tool that can detect cognitive impairment,...

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Key2Brain is a biotech company committed to developing a novel brain targeting platform technology. With a library of unique lead molecules and preclinical expertise,...

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Leira is driven by the vision of making evidence-based psychological treatment available based on CBT for individuals with ADHD, flexible in time and format....

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Minnity supports professional elderly care services in delivering personalized care with the help of a smartphone. Our digital solutions allow caregivers to improve their...

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DNA strängar

Moligo Technologies

Moligo Technologies developed a revolutionary technology for high scale synthesis of ultrapure, long DNA strands to enable genome editing, precision diagnostics and DNA therapeutics...

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Moltic Pharma

Moltic Pharma is a drug discovery company developing ion channel modulators for neurological diseases, focusing on epilepsy. Our modulators are small molecule compounds that...

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NorthernLight Diagnostics AB

Shortcut to effective antidepressant treatment. There are several antidepressant treatments available, but effective treatments for individual cases are identified by trial-and-error. NorthernLight Diagnostics has...

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Oppioo is developing a digital training tool for cancer patients. Exercise may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you have...

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Phoodster för framtidens hälsa


-Healthy habits that stick 

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Prognostix (Path FX)

-Develops e-health decision support tools based on AI Prognostix AB has developed a decision support tool (www.pathfx.org), capable of estimating survival in cancer patients...

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PWELT is the first “stress management tool” that focuses on leadership. Unfortunately, work-related stress accounts for increasingly bad health in large parts of the...

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SeqCure Immunology

SeqCure Immunology AB is developing SeqCureNEO, a cellular immunotherapy method designed to cure advanced cancer. The method is based on a tailor-made and highly...

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The right treatment for every patient. AI-based precision diagnostics to improve cancer treatment decisions and outcomes

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Companies that have been part of our DRIVE network


– Save time and patient inconvenience in infections treatment The company´s technology increase speed, retains high sensitivity at a lower cost in identifying bacterial contamination...

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– Supernitro – New Unique Drug Against Acute Pulmonary Hypertension Acute pulmonary hypertension is a major cause of death in conditions such as pulmonary...

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– Decoding the Brain Researchers and Pharma companies all over the world are working hard on solving the enigmas of diseases that impact human...

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Gesynta Pharma

-Developing combined anti-inflammatory and vasodilatory treatments for microvascular disease in chronic inflammatory disorders. Gesynta Pharma is developing combined anti-inflammatory and vasodilatory treatments for microvascular...

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Heartrunner Sweden AB

The company Heartrunner Sweden AB, former SMS Lifeguard Skandinavien AB, was founded by a group of researchers, who ten years ago launched the research...

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A contract research organization (CRO) specializing in drug metabolism and toxicity. We offer in-house evaluations of drug metabolism, pharmacokinetic properties and safety as well...

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Bolag KI Innovations


Lexplore has developed a service that enables schools and municipalities to quickly, easily and objectively map a student’s, class’, school’s or municipality’s reading ability...

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-Empowering healthcare professionals Medify has developed an intelligent tool for training for Medical personnel. Within healthcare, there is a constant need to keep personal...

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-Helps you to take control of your Asthma AsthmaTuner develops digital tools that replace physical healthcare visits. Asthma is the world’s most common chronic...

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Neobiomics provides ProPrems®, a dietary supplement containing 1 billion bacteria of Bifidobacterium infantis Bb-02 (DSM 33361), Bifidobacterium lactis (BB-12®) and Streptococcus thermophilus (TH-4®).

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-Make cancer diagnostics  effective and safe NeoProteomics use biomarkers from platelets as the basis for a planned blood-based liquid biopsy products for cancer diagnosis. The large...

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The discovery of unique insights into pathogenic mechanisms in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) are opening up the potential for the development of novel treatments for...

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Developing an in silico model for the evaluation of liver toxicity for chemical substances. It is a unique cloud-based method, based on omics data,...

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QuiaPEG Pharmaceuticals AB

– Your choice for half-life extension QuiaPEG Pharmaceuticals AB has developed a proprietary, releasable pegylation technology platform called Uni-Qleaver®, for the development of prodrugs...

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Sigrid Therapeutics

-Preventing metabolic disease Sigrid Therapeutics AB (Sigrid) is a Swedish clinical-stage biotechnology company whose lead product candidate is SiPore15TM, a precisely engineered, orally ingested...

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Stck Cell

The StckCell dish is a compact, light and intuitive new format for cell culture. It has a culture area equivalent to three common dishes....

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