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These are our companies currently part of our Business Incubator DRIVE


Acute heart failure is the most common cause of hospitalization. Chronic heart failure (leading to worsening and thus acute heart failure) is among the...

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– Save time and patient inconvenience in infections treatment The company´s technology increase speed, retains high sensitivity at a lower cost in identifying bacterial contamination...

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– Supernitro – New Unique Drug Against Acute Pulmonary Hypertension Acute pulmonary hypertension is a major cause of death in conditions such as pulmonary...

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– Decoding the Brain Researchers and Pharma companies all over the world are working hard on solving the enigmas of diseases that impact human...

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Collective Minds Radiology (CMRad)

-Intelligent decision support for radiology Collective Minds Radiology is a digital health startup that offers intelligent decision support for radiology. Radiologists can consult us...

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-Developing surgery for life Developeration AB is developing a new and unique method for treatment of hemorrhoids, called PexyEazy®. PexyEazy® is an innovative medical...

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Gesynta Pharma

-Developing combined anti-inflammatory and vasodilatory treatments for microvascular disease in chronic inflammatory disorders. Gesynta Pharma is developing combined anti-inflammatory and vasodilatory treatments for microvascular...

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Heartrunner Sweden AB

The company Heartrunner Sweden AB, former SMS Lifeguard Skandinavien AB, was founded by a group of researchers, who ten years ago launched the research...

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A contract research organization (CRO) specializing in drug metabolism and toxicity. We offer in-house evaluations of drug metabolism, pharmacokinetic properties and safety as well...

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-Empowering healthcare professionals Medify has developed an intelligent tool for training for Medical personnel. Within healthcare, there is a constant need to keep personal...

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-Helps you to take control of your Asthma Asthma is the most common chronic diseases impacting 10% of the population and drives enormous cost...

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-The mental e-health platform for providing psychological treatment and digitalization to increase production capacity for health care providers. The MindMend e-health platform for psychological...

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NorthernLight Diagnostics AB

– Shortcut to effective antidepressant treatment. There are several antidepressant treatments available, but effective treatments for individual cases are identified by trial-and-error. NorthernLight Diagnostics...

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Healthy habits that stick with Holistal! Corporate nutrition and wellness programs for employees to recharge their life & business with energy, health and vitality....

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Developing an in silico model for the evaluation of liver toxicity for chemical substances. It is a unique cloud-based method, based on omics data,...

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Prognostix (Path FX)

Develops e-health decision support tools based on AI Prognostix AB has developed a decision support tool (www.pathfx.org), capable of estimating survival in cancer patients...

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Sigrid Therapeutics

-Preventing metabolic disease Sigrid Therapeutics AB (Sigrid) is a Swedish clinical-stage biotechnology company whose lead product candidate is SiPore15TM, a precisely engineered, orally ingested...

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Companies that are part of our DRIVE + network



-Make cancer diagnostics  effective and safe NeoProteomics use biomarkers from platelets as the basis for a planned blood-based liquid biopsy products for cancer diagnosis. The large...

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QuiaPEG Pharmaceuticals AB

– Your choice for half-life extension QuiaPEG Pharmaceuticals AB has developed a proprietary, releasable pegylation technology platform called Uni-Qleaver®, for the development of prodrugs...

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Companies that have been part of our DRIVE network

Bolag KI Innovations


Lexplore has developed a service that enables schools and municipalities to quickly, easily and objectively map a student’s, class’, school’s or municipality’s reading ability...

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The discovery of unique insights into pathogenic mechanisms in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) are opening up the potential for the development of novel treatments for...

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