Meet Carol Tishelman – DöBra

Published 16 May, 2019Innovations from KI

Leading the way for more social innovations

– Today we work very closely with KI Innovations in order to expand and improve support structures for social innovations. We see a strong potential in our area to develop more innovations that can become social benefits, ”says Sophia Savage

The card game DöBra helps us talk about the most difficult: the final stage of life. The tool comes from an interdisciplinary research program at Karolinska Institutet and is currently used by healthcare professionals throughout the region. In addition, the project has influenced the development of social innovations within KI. DöBra is a national research program that is run at KI and Umeå University by Carol Tishelman and Sofia Savage. With the help of the cards we raise questions about dying, death and sorrow in order to give people better opportunities to prepare for the end of life.

If you want to read more about Carol, Sofia and DöBra you can find the entire interview in our booklet 20 Years of innovation @ Karolinska Institutet