START is KI Innovation’s program for answering questions, assessment and for ensuring the commercial potential of research-based ideas.

To verify the commercial potential of a business idea, we offer:

  • A dedicated business coach with long experience and focus on commercialization/utilization
  • Access to qualified expert competence in life science product- and business-development
  • Funding of verification activities
  • Network of customers/investors
  • Training in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

The target group for START is researchers and students at Karolinska Institutet.

We look at:

  • Customer needs

  • The possibilities for protecting the idea

  • The right to commercialise

  • Market and competition

And if the ideas holds up:

  • Protection of IP

  • Technical verification

  • Regulatory

  • Team & business development

The START program always begins with your filling in the

Invention Disclosure Form 

All the activities in the program are free of charge and all information is handled with confidentiality

The program comprises three phases:

Inventor meeting

  • Discussion of the idea
  • Relevant feedback to researcher
  • Development of activity plan, if applicable

Decision meeting

  • Relevant feedback to the researcher if clarification is needed, if the idea is out of scope or if more work is needed
  • Approval of activities

Commercial validation

  • Execution of validating and value-increasing activities

You receive training and competence development

  • Businessify your science, 1-2 times/year in collaboration with Unit for Bioentrepreneurship at KI (4 occasions of 3 hrs each)
  • Pitch training
  • Introduction to Innovation plan, translational science plan & business model canvas
  • External seminars, training and meetings

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