Answering basic questions with the START program

Does your idea have commercial potential?

In order to successfully commercialize a research project, it is important to think outside the box – beyond lab results and academic qualifications. When KI Innovations enters the picture, questions like these are raised:
• Is this discovery transformable into a product or service?
• Do people really need this product or service and if so, will they want to pay for it?
• How big is the market for this product or service?
• Is this product or service usable as is?
• If not, how must it be altered or perhaps revised?

Within the START program, we strive to answer these types of questions – thus ensuring the commercial potential of research-based business concepts and ideas.


How do I get started?

The process starts when you submit a project proposal. Download and submit our Invention disclosure form. Instructions are on the form. All activities within the START program are free-of-charge, and all information is kept confidential.


What happens then?

With our support, researchers or teams develop a presentation of their concept that explains the problems that it solves. Sometimes we develop basic prototypes to be used in the dialogue with investors or stakeholders. The patentability of the product is assessed and the product is classified in order to determine if it is, for example, a drug, a diagnostic tool or a medical device.

Throughout the START program, we continuously strive to identify relevant competence in order to optimize the outcome of the project. Based on each project’s unique circumstances and conditions, KI Innovations engages external experts and the questions continue:
• What regulatory requirements govern the product?
• Who benefits when this product or service enters the market?
• Who/what are the competitors?
• What are the advantages of this particular product or service – compared to those of competitors?

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To fulfill the KI Innovations mission, Vinnova has commissioned us to distribute funding for verification of commercial projects arising from research at Karolinska Institutet. Vinnova is a government agency that operates under the auspices of Sweden’s Ministry of Enterprise, Energy, and Communications. Click here to find out more about Vinnova.

To find out more about verification, please feel free to contact our business coach Åsa Kallas


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