Evaluation of commercial potential in research-based projects. We can help you

Published 24 August, 2018News

Validation for Implementation (VFT) is a programme financed by VINNOVA that aims to stimulate innovation by promoting evaluation of the commercial potential in early research-based projects. This is done by undertaking activities such as market analysis, mapping of the competition, IP strategy and IP protection. The result of these activities also forms a basis for a draft business plan. The VFT funding cannot be used to finance research.

A coach is appointed to each VFT funded project and serves as a link between the project owner and the decision group at KI Innovations responsible for allocation of VFT financing. The coach is also responsible for recommending activities and for bringing in experts from our network.

  • The evaluation is free of charge. KI Innovations staff and our consultants work under strict confidentiality.
  • As the project owner, it is your responsibility to take the project forward and to follow the plan that you and your coach have worked out.
  • Within each project, validation activities can be performed up to a maximum total cost of 300 000 SEK. Activities are approved in sequence, with an evaluation between each step. Each project is evaluated in relation to other ongoing projects and there is no guarantee for how much financing a specific project will be granted.

With your approval, we are happy to present your project to potential partners during the validation phase. After successful completion of a VFT project, we can provide further support within our incubator DRIVE.

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