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We dedicate focus and time to the teams that have chosen to work with us

DRIVE is a dedicated life science incubator program at KI Innovations AB which supports successful commercial development of businesses within life sciences.

We welcome newly-started companies with a commercial, verified business opportunity with focus on Life Science. 

Membership in DRIVE runs for a maximum of three years with annual evaluations in order to qualify for continued membership.

DRIVE comprises of various resources and activities in the order and to the extent most appropriate for each Start-Up. We accommodate every Start-Up individually.

What you get in DRIVE

DRIVE network

  • Global Pharma network
  • Investor network
  • Strategic partners 
  • Preferred partners
  • Nordic Mentor Network for Entrepreneurship (NOME)
  • Expert network, comprising 150 experts in various areas 

DRIVE development programs 

  • Sustainablility program
  • Catalyzer program 
  • Pitch training
  • Value Creation Forum (VCF)
  • One-on-one Coaching to develop strategies for your individual business development (4-12 hours /month based on the need)


  • DRIVE HealthDay
  • DRIVE InvestorDay
  • DRIVE TeamDay
  • Visibility at various events such as NLS-day and BIO Europe
  • Activities within DRIVE-Community

Who can apply?

We welcome startup companies sprung from ideas validated in KI Innovation’s START program as well as other Start-Ups that are research-based within life science, digital health, e-health and medtech. The membership in DRIVE runs for a maximum of three years with annual evaluations to qualify for continued membership.


What do we offer?

Together with our selected partners, the DRIVE  business incubator offers unique business development opportunities and financing support adapted to the company’s specific needs.

  • Your own business development coach
  • Access to IP advice
  • Access to expert consulting services
  • Access to investor networks
  • Free participation in the Business Development Program – CATALYZER
  • Access to  focused theme days such as InvestorDay, HealthDay and TeamDay
  • Additional evenets with focus on community building
  • Free membership in KI SciencePark

The business incubator is funded by Karolinska Institutet and VINNOVA.

DRIVE Calender


“Everyone will face death, but yet, we rarely talk about it”

Professor Carol Tishelman (Department of Learning, Informatics and Management and Ethics), runs the Döbra project to raise issues about everyday existentialism. Death is something we rarely talk about today. Therefore, many people are not prepared to encounter with death. The DöBra pack of cards can be used as a tool to help people talk about […]

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Clinically validated AI-based software that go beyond current routine pathology.

Mattias Rantalainen, CTO for Stratipath and research group leader at institutionen för epidemiologi och biostatistik (MEB) at KI och Johan Hartman, CMO at Stratipath and Pathologist at Karolinska University Hospital and research group leader at  institutionen för onkologi/patologi (OnkPat) at KI. Mattias och Johan have received support from KI Innovations START team (and are now […]

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Saving lives with a smartphone

In the event of a cardiac arrest, an alert is triggered on the smartphones of volunteer lifesavers located within a radius of around 1,500 metres from the victim. Those who are able to do so, confirm the alarm and make their way as quickly as possible to the victim. Today, the system has been scientifically […]

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Connecting the world’s radiologists in an AI-supported collective

Collective Minds Radiology’s digital platform brings together more than 8,000 radiologists from all over the world in a space where they share knowledge and experience that results in better diagnoses and more equal care. Collective Minds Radiology was born out of the frustration that healthcare was so sluggish to take advantage of digitalisation. Founders Johan […]

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Putting patients in control of their asthma

A wireless lung function meter and smartphone app is making life easier for many asthma sufferers. The idea was born in a clinic at Astrid Lindgren Children’s Hospital and now the popular solution is spreading throughout Sweden. “There are plenty of good asthma treatments, but it’s difficult to communicate information about them to patients. We […]

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Call for new start-ups 2024

Published 27 May, 2024Information

Application for new start-ups- Fall 2024 Grow your Health or Life Science Business Start-up in a unique environment in KI Innovations Start-up Incubator DRIVE...

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Welcome to DRIVE companies, class of 2023

Published 6 November, 2023Information

A warm welcome to our new DRIVE Incubator companies Volumeer, TrueDose, ToxoTech AB, Mim Neurosciences AB, Joincells Nordic AB. We look forward to working...

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DRIVE graduation series

Published 26 May, 2023Events

We learn, we refine, we share and pay back! During the DRIVE examinations you can listen to fellow DRIVE members as they pay back...

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I köket med DRIVE – In the kitchen

Published 26 February, 2021Information

To be part of the DRIVE community is an appreciated part in the KI Innovations Incubator DRIVE program. We are happy to be able...

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