DRIVE – Calender

Welcome to take part in events and seminars  planned especially for you as a DRIVE member

26 October

9.30-16.00     Catalyzer kick-off

KI Innovations – Biomedicum

Kick -off for the Catalyzer program for all new DRIVE companies.

11 November

13.00-17.00    Ignite Healthtech 2021

KI Innovations with Ignite Sweden, Digital via Zoom

The heathcare and pharmaceutical sectors are facing new challenges which require disruptive solutions. In this digital matchmaking, corporations within those sectors will be matched with the most innovative Swedish heathtech and life-science startups to explore the possibilities to collaborate and innovate together.


17.18 November

9.00-16.00     ALIS Investment Day

KI Innovations, Digital

DRIVE companies are invited to pitch for a wide range of investors both national and international.


29 November

16.30 – 17.30 I köket med DRIVE

KI Innovations, In our Kitchen at Nanna Svartz väg 6a

Guests: Susanna von Holst, Unit for Bioentrepreneurship, and students from the program

Theme: How to involve Students in your company

Need help to understand your barriers to market, make a health economic analysis or scout for future partners? Learn more about the master program in Bioentrepreneurship and how students can be involved in your company. KI Innovations have great experience from previous collaborations and graduates from the program

Possibility to mingle and talk to the students after the event. A Teams link is available for those who cannot join in person, but you miss the personal interactions with the students.


6 December

14.00-17.00 DRIVE Team Day

KI Innovations, 

The essence of building a strong team. Why, how and when do we need to focus on the team. More detailed information to come.


25 January

13.00-15.00     Catalyzer – Draknästet

KI Innovations, Innomedicum

The companies that have participated in the Catalyzer program will be pitching their innovations to a jury of investors.



DRIVE Investor Day

KI Innovations, 

More information about the exact date and time will come.



DRIVE Health Day

KI Innovations, Digital

You will experience a full day digital DRIVE Health Day. Stay tuned for more information.