Do you want to contribute to our innovation community?

A success factor for startups is access to skills, talent and experience. At KI Innovations we have a lot of knowledge, but we cannot cover everything and we see a huge advantage of being a scalable organization with a large, competent professional network that facilitates our work with matching experience and competence with the different innovators, entrepreneurs and the business ideas.

The competence and experience can come from students, experienced entrepreneurs and business proffessionls, financiers and national and international contacts. Whether you are a student without your own entrepreneurial experience, a senior in business development or having valuable industry expertise, you can become part of our network and help us realize entrepreneurial dreams and contribute to improving future health for all.

The network

We currently have a network of about 100 experienced entrepreneurs, business developers, alumni and investors who can give advice and inspiration to projects and companies in START or in our company incubator DRIVE. We arrange events and meetings where participants in our network can meet our projects and companies that have meant that the companies received advice, tips and financing or in other ways expanded their network in a way that has been crucial to their business development. If you have experience and knowledge in areas that have links to entrepreneurship and business development, or have strong industry expertise, we are happy to tell you more about how you can engage and support people who are at the beginning of a trip similar to the one you might have done.

Are you interested please contact Åsa directly:

For the student

If you are curious about entrepreneurship and happy contribute, you as a student should come to our many events, not least InnovatiOndag, which is our lunch seminars with students as a special target group. Our events, all free, are great places to meet interesting and inspiring people. Perhaps it is just such a meeting that will open that door so that you can take your first step into the startup world within the area you are passionate about.

If you want to know more, you are always welcome to contact Alina directly: