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KI Innovations has extensive experience in creating business from life science research findings.

We have the research and industry know-how, contacts, and networks.

Through qualified business development with multiple support functions, we guide you all the way to company formation.

But first we must evaluate your project’s potential. Click on the relevant section below.

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If you would just like more information on the help and services that we offer? Don’t hesitate just to get in touch for an informal chat. We’d love to hear from you!
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If you have a specific idea that you’d like to discuss with us, please fill in the Invention Disclosure Form first. Enter all the details that you can – you may not know everything just yet but we can work on the rest together.

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Many scientists report that their commercialization projects (regardless of whether or not they succeed) provide valuable new perspectives and help them become better scientists.

In addition, researchers who have been through the commercialization process often come back again with new ideas or recommend KI Innovations to their colleagues. This is, of course, the best indication that opportunities offered by KI Innovations add value and create conditions that enable research to reach patients and make a real difference.



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