Companies A-Ö
  • ToxoTech

    ToxoTech is a research development biopharmaceutical company that uses expert knowledge in structural biology to design and develop novel toxin-based biological products for the treatment...

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  • JoinCells

    JoinCells is a pioneering entity in hematopoietic stem cell (HSC) expansion, leveraging the potential of umbilical cord blood to address hematologic and rare blood...

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  • TrueDose

    TrueDose pioneers a breakthrough in Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM) by facilitating precise and personalised medicine dosing from the convenience of home. Our innovative blood...

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  • Mim Neurosciences

    Mim Neurosciences is developing new treatments for neurodegenerative disease based on NAD biology.

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  • Volumeer

    Sepsis presents a global challenge with devastating consequences, accounting for one in five deaths worldwide. Volumeer AB is revolutionizing blood sample quality for sepsis...

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  • Clinsight

    1 in 41 men die from Prostate cancer, Clinsight want to change that. There is a need to standardize and increase the accuracy of...

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  • Patientsäkerhet


     P3S has a AI based solution for reuse of health data  for significantly improved patient safety surveillance. LinkedIn

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  • Intelligyn

    Researches and developes AI-based decision support for the assessment of medical images. They Offer online medical services with a focus on medical image assessment....

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  • Microcardix


    Develops a novel catheter-based technique for biopsy, which is less traumatic and more flexible than current techniques. It is particularly suited to the heart,...

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