Companies A-Ö
  • Basic Genomics

    Develops innovative methodology for research in life sciences that enables cost-effective characterization of long RNA molecules in large numbers of individual cells and tissues....

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  • Countagen

    Develops a tailor-made “plug-and-play” solution, for gene editing, to streamline currently time-consuming workflows. This will  further accelerate research and development in the field of...

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  • Microbiomet

    3N Bio

    3N Bio is a life science-start-up that set out as a spin-off from Karolinska Institutet. They are committed to increase  efficiency, safety and speed...

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  • APLEX Bio

    APLEX Bio develops reagents that enable highly parallelized detection of biomarkers in a disruptively easy and cost-efficient way. The technology is set to allow...

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