Companies A-Ö
  • Dermacut

    Seber Medical develops innovative wound care solutions in close collaboration with top clinicians and researchers globally. Their wound monitoring application SeeWound supports clinicians by...

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  • Oppioo

    With Oppioo we create the precision health of the future, where we increase well-being with digital support for cancer patients during rehabilitation. The aim...

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  • Molekyl

    Moltic Pharma

    Moltic Pharma is a drug discovery company developing ion channel modulators for neurological diseases, focusing on epilepsy. Our modulators are small molecule compounds that...

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  • Leira

    Leira is driven by the vision of making evidence-based psychological treatment available based on CBT for individuals with ADHD, flexible in time and format....

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  • Molecular Attraction

    Molecular Attraction is a Swedish biotechnology company that develops sustainable solutions to control and modify insect’s and pest’s behavior. We are changing mosquito control...

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  • FenoMark Diagnostics

    FenoMark Diagnostics develops diagnostic assays for matching cancer patients with the best treatment. LinkedIn

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  • FenoMark Diagnostics AB

    FenoMark Diagnostics utvecklar diagnostiska analyser för att matcha cancerpatienter med den bästa behandlingen. LinkedIn

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  • DNA strängar

    Moligo Technologies

    Moligo Technologies developed a revolutionary technology for high scale synthesis of ultrapure, long DNA strands to enable genome editing, precision diagnostics and DNA therapeutics...

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  • Pwelt

    PWELT is the first “stress management tool” that focuses on leadership. Unfortunately, work-related stress accounts for increasingly bad health in large parts of the...

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