Developing the future of accessible breast cancer screenings. Combining AI, Thermal Technology and smartphone to create a portable and affordable pre-screening solution to find early stages of breast cancer.

Thermaiscan is a HealthTech startup within predictive medicine. We currently focus our efforts on solving the global problem of late detection of breast cancer. Late detection leads to 70 % of all breast cancer related deaths.

Our breast cancer pre-screening solution is comfortable, affordable and portable. It can detect early stages of breast cancer development and is currently being developed in Sweden, Singapore, India and Armenia. It is intended for B2B healthcare units and their non-specialist personnel and other frontline healthcare workers.

The process is simple: A thermal screening is performed by a non-specialist. Our AI then performs an image analysis, which gives out a risk assessment. Healthy chest, or risk of early stage breast cancer development, where the recommendation is to seek a specialist.

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