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The following sessions of Build skills to impact is available in a digital format

#1 From research to society – create impact

Research has the potential to impact society in many ways. From dissemination and commercialization to innovation in non-profit, public, and private sector products and services – research-based knowledge can drive health, social and economic outcomes for society. We will discuss the spectrum of opportunities to create, measure, and sustain impact in society.

This session will be held by impact investment and social innovation professional Henrik Storm Dyrssen from KI Innovations

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From research to society-create impact: here

#2 From researcher to innovator- learnings and recommendations

In this session, a spectrum of opportunities to create impact from research will be presented. We will address what rights and responsibilities you have as a researcher when bringing your research beyond academia. For instance, what agreements you need to consider and how you can create a strong team to bring your invention to the next level. We will also discuss some key aspects that are critical to creating impact. 

This session will be held by business coach Patrik Blomquist from KI Innovations 

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From researcher to innovator- learnings and recommendations: here

#3 Develop and describe your concept

Once you have decided to start your impact journey, you will need to describe your product or service to different stakeholders including potential users, investors, and potential partners. In this session, we will discuss the different formats that can be used to present innovation and what topics you need to include in such presentations. We will also address how you can communicate the scientific or technical maturity of your concept and the regulatory frameworks that you should keep in mind when developing your concept towards market readiness.  

This session is held by business coach Åsa Kallas from KI Innovations 

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Part 1- Describe your idea: here

Part 2- Develop your idea: here

#4 Understand your users, customers and partners

During your impact journey, there will be a lot of questions that you need to consider finding the most suitable path for your product or service. In this session, a key focus will be on the different types of stakeholders and their respective needs that you must understand and act on already early on in your development to final implementation and impact. Who and where are the customers (user, payer) and what are their needs, what is the customer value with your solution, what other stakeholders do you need to consider, what partners will you need etc.? We will also discuss business strategy, business models and some regulatory/legal aspects.

This session will be held by business coach Mats Ferm from KI Innovations

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Understand your users, customers, and partners: here

#5  Identify and protect your knowledge assets

Intellectual Property (IP) is often a prerequisite for a successful impact journey. In this session we will discuss what kind of assets might exist within a project (patentable inventions, data, know-how, content, software, etc) and how these can be protected (patent, trademark, trade secret, design protection, copyright etc). A Brief summary of the patenting process (requirements for patentability, timelines, associated costs) as well as pros and cons of the different forms of protection will be covered. Moreover, the commercial value of the project / FTO and basic principles and how to monitor putative infringements.

This session will be held by business coach Simon Curtis from Potter Clarkson

#6 Finance your innovation journey

During the seminar, we will go through common questions that researchers with an academic invention usually need to address regarding the financing of your project.

This session will be held by business coach Henrik Storm Dyrssen from KI Innovations