DRIVE Life Science Business Incubator
Karolinska Institutet Innovations

Call for new start-ups!

Fall 2022

Application period opens on June 8th

Grow your Health or Life Science Business Start-up in a unique environment

Through the incubator DRIVE at KI Innovations you get the opportunity to develop your business idea, build your network and grow your start-up in a community of Health and Human Life Science start-ups, supported by your coach and our extensive expert network.

Start-ups in the Human Health Life Science field with a validated science-based business idea and a core team with the ambition to grow a scalable business with global potential.

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What do you receive?

  • Support in business development, pitch training, market, regulatory, and pricing strategy, network building, team development and exposure to financing and partnering opportunities
  • During the fall 2022-winter 2023 the start-up participates in a hands-on entrepreneurial programme resulting in a sharpened business plan
  • Participation in the yearly DRIVE InvestorDay and DRIVE HealthDay and get exposure at partnering/financing events
  • DRIVE-community co-learning activities and seminar series
  • Access to heavily sponsored co-working space on KI campus at AWL Innomedicum
  • An individual business coach assigned and possibility to receive financing for selected business/product development activities

What do you need to invest?

The start-up signs up for one year at a time for a maximum of three years. Annual progress evaluation decides yearly continuation. You are expected to invest significant time in your team, your company, and be part of the community. You also accept that you need to report back to KI Innovations and Vinnova on progress.

What does it cost?

The DRIVE-membership is free of charge. DRIVE is financed by Karolinska Institutet and partners as well as by the Vinnova Excellens program.

Admission process

The assessment is based on the application and interview by KI Innovations and an evaluation by an external advisory board.

Who can apply?

USP: The company should be based on the innovation being Novel, Unique and Evidence based.

Product area: Human Health Life Sciences. This is a broad definition and includes for example: Healthcare, eHealth (incl. AI/ML), Medtech, Diagnostics, Pharma and Biotech etc.

Team: Preferably the company has an active, dedicated, and coachable CEO and team.

Market: Products should be targeted towards going global, but no current recurring sales.

Sustainability: Companies aiming to reach global sustainability (SDG2030) goals.

The DRIVE-membership is based on Vinnova target group criteria and state (GBER22) support regulations, where guidelines apply. Below is an extract of some criteria:

Company age: Maximum 5 years and registered in Sweden

Ownership: Majority ownership by founders

Important dates 2022*

JUNE 8                               Application period opens

AUG 26, midnight             Application deadline

AUG 29 – SEPT 19            Evaluation period

SEP 20 – 22                        Pitching & Interviews of selected candidates

SEP 23 – 30                       Final evaluation

OCT 3 – 7                              Admission decision and Sign-up

OCT 11                               KICK OFF and workshop Fall 2022

OCT- JAN                           CATALYZER – Entrepreneurial training

NOV 16-17                         DRIVE candidates to present at ALIS Investor day

JAN 2023                            CATALYZER program final & pitch

FEB 2023                           Matching with Individual DRIVE Business Coach

*all dates are approximate

Depending on the covid-19 status we will adapt and plan for both digital and potential live process, workshops and events.

Read about the new stadstödsreglerna here: Statstöd 2022

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