A healthier future through innovation!

KI Innovations provides support and guidance so that more research based ideas, discoveries and knowledge from Karolinska Institutet can contribute to a healthier future for all.

At Karolinska Institutet, world-leading research continually improves our understanding of the human body and its diseases. Research results are usually presented in scientific papers, but it is far from given that researchers also take steps towards transforming their ideas into products and services of value to patients and society.

We are here to help in all aspects of transforming an idea into an innovation.

This is what we do

Just curious about innovation?

Have you made an exciting research discovery? Or are you on the trail of developing a brand-new product, treatment or method that solves a significant problem? Are you wondering what to do next? Then you have found the right place! Keep reading to find out how we can help you.

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Your  business idea

In order to succeed in disseminating research beyond laboratory results and academic merits, researchers need to think along slightly different paths. Within KI Innovation’s START program, we help you with analyzing the possibilities of transforming your research knowledge into useful products or services that can create value outside academia.

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Business Incubator

Projects that have undergone our START program, as well as other companies within the area of health, care and life science can apply for KI Innovation’s incubator program DRIVE. Within DRIVE, we continue with validation activities, but with an increased focus on business development and scaling. 

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Unsure whether your idea holds up?

We are interested in all ideas regardless of how far you’ve come in the process, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Click for our business coaches’ contact details and we will help you!

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STHLM Life Scale-Up program open for application

Published 11 February, 2020Information

Call for proposals – welcome to apply Are you in need of funding and support to further accelerate your life science commercialization journey? If...

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Inspiration from Innovation 2020

Published 22 January, 2020Events

KI Innovations continuously organizes seminars in the themes of innovation and entrepreneurship. We welcome all interested to listen to inspirational speakers talking about their...

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Build skills to impact 2020

Published 22 January, 2020Events

Interested to get to know more about impact creation based on academic research or knowledge? Welcome to attend KI Innovations seminar series- Build skills...

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With passion for entrepreneurship

Published 10 February, 2020News

We are happy to present our first guest for 2020 in our Inspiration for Innovation seminar series. She is a passionate entrepreneur with lots...

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20 years of Innovation

Published 17 February, 2020Innovations from KI

Brightening the future through increased innovation – Karolinska Institutet has a proud history of ground breaking discoveries that have improved the lives for people...

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Tore Curstedt

MeetTore Curstedt – Curosurf

Published 12 November, 2019Innovations from KI

The Curosurf story is a tale of success. To date, the drug has saved the lives of around one million premature babies worldwide. And...

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