For investors

KI Innovations works with a large number of research projects that are being turned into commercial opportunities – primarily within pharma, diagnostics, medical and laboratory technologies, and e-health. By engaging selected experts who scrutinize the competitive advantages, market potential, and possible business models, we provide projects with solid foundations. However, in most cases additional contributions in terms of expertise and capital are necessary in order for the products to reach the market or to lead to a deal with another company.

At KI Innovations we are always interested in getting in touch with entrepreneurs, companies, and investors who might support our projects and companies. This might for example be through investment of time or money, purchasing patent rights or buying a license to a patented invention.

KI Innovations regularly presents relevant projects for prospective partners. Through good understanding of what the project has to offer and what investors are looking for, we have unique opportunities for creating customized meetings that benefit researchers and investors. Initially, non-confidential project summaries are presented, and then more in-depth discussion occur with those projects that are of interest to the respective partners.

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