Språk i Vården – the winner of the first Sthlm Pitch Meetup

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Sthlm Pitch Meetup is the new happening in town!
Sthlm Pitch Meetup is a joint collaboration between SSE Business Lab, KTH Innovation and KI Innovation with the aim to bring Stockholm’s top talent in business, technology and life science together in a unique monthly idea collision.

We had the oppertunity to listen to three aspiring entrepreneurs pitching to an experienced panel represented by SSE Business Lab, KTH Innovation, KI Innovation and one guest.

The entrepreneurs for the evening were:
From Karolinska Institutet Innovations: Språk i vården
Imagine getting sick in a country where you are not understood. You do not share a common language and you feel exposed.
Linus Kullänger – one of the initiators of Språk I vården – has developed an app for smartphones and tablets that serves as a tool for healthcare professionals in communicating with patients who do not speak Swedish.

From KTH Innovation: POKI Robotics
POKI Robotics develop fully autonomous, electric self-learning robotic systems. Being golfers, they experienced a gap in a market first hand, where their first product is an autonomous golf ball collector for golf ranges. Worldwide, the collection of golf balls is being done manually at a vast majority of the driving ranges – this is a large cost, and in many cases entails a safety risk for the driver. The potential for their autonomous, electric self-learning robotic systems do not end at the driving range – moving ahead, they see a multitude of application areas for their future systems, in air, sea or on land using drones, submersibles, and more.

From SSE Business Lab: Inex.One
Inex develops a SaaS tool to reshape the way organizations collect market intelligence. Clients include leading firms in management consulting, investing, and major corporates. Their benefits include cost and time efficiency, improved quality, and GDPR compliance.

At the end of the session the audience selects the best pitch of the night and this time the winner was: SPRÅK I VÅRDEN with Linus Kullänger! Congratulations Linus!

The panel for the evening:
SSE Business Lab:Lars Strannegård,President of SSE, Advisory board member of SSE Business Lab
KTH Innovation: Nicole Forsberg, Program & Community Manager, KTH Innovation
KI Innovations: Charlotte Dahlborg, Ph.D. from Karolinska Institutet, program manager for Nordic Mentor Network for Entrepreneurship, NOME at KI Innovations
Panel guest of the evening: Günther Mårder, CEO of Företagarna and board member of EY Entrepreneur of the Year, with undoubted expertise in the analytics of listed and private companies.