We welcome UIC Business Lab to KI Innovations

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New collaboration between KI Innovation’s and UIC

Tuesday, September 19, is the start of a new exciting collaboration between KI Innovations and UIC. That’s when the first round of UIC Business Lab will start at KI Innovations.

UIC is a top-ranked incubator that offers customized business development support with the help of knowledge, experience and networking. The programs provide both inspiration and guidance on financing issues, which shortens time to market, increases competitiveness and survival rates. The UIC Business Lab consists of seminars and workshops extending over a period of 3-4 months. A total of six projects and companies from KI Innovations will attend the program held at Karolinska Institutet’s campus (Solna). Following implemented programs, projects and companies will have strengthened their knowledge of how to run companies and expand their network, and further support a business and implementation plan and prepare a presentation for future investors and / or partners.

We look forward to our first round of UIC Business Lab and our goal at KI Innovations is to continue to offer the program to our projects and companies in the incubator DRIVE, says Ethel Luvall, project manager at KI Innovations.