A fantastic boost for Karolinska Innovations AB. Awarded the maximum amount from Vinnova’s national excellence program.

KI Innovations Aktuellt

Following solid work and focused efforts from the entire team at Karolinska Innovations AB, the corporate incubator received
long-awaited proof of excellence, by beeing allocated 4 million SEK from VINNOVA distributed over 2018 and 2019.

The incubator supports startup companies in life science in an incubator process that includes several years of business coaching, training programs, contact between entrepreneurs and experts, investors, researchers, and more.

”KI Innovations is both proud and happy to be part of the trusted incubators who will be part of Vinnova’s national incubator program,” says Ethel Luvall, Project Manager at Karolinska Innovations AB.

”We have worked hard to strengthen our business and to build a high quality innovation system in life science and this confirmes that the development work in the DRIVE incubator is also appreciated on  national level.The support from Vinnova allows us to get even better on what we already do; to create value for patients and society by identifying brilliant business ideas and transforming them into business opportunities. With the support fromVinnova, we will be able to accelerate the development of new knowledge-intensive life science projects and companies, as well as strengthen the incubation process by stepping up projects and companies’ road towards commercialization.

Ethel Luvall, M Sc.

Project leader