SMS-Livräddaren finalist in Medtech4Health Innovation Award

KI Innovations Aktuellt

SMS Livräddaren is one out of five finalists in Medtech4Health Innovation Award. The mobile application SMS livräddare was developed by a team from Stockholm South General Hospital and has the potential to save lifes by involving so far unexploited resources and facilitate for people to help each other. The potential users in Sweden are the 3 million persons trained within CPR. The use of application is now being implemented in several county councils as well as on the international market. KI Innovations has worked with the team since 2014  in order to develop a sustainable business model. KI Innovations has also invested in the sales company.

SMS Livräddare was one of 38 nominated teams who have implemented innovative medical technology in the healthcare sector. The winner will be announced at the Annual meeting of Swedish Medtech on April 27. Follow the links to read more about SMS Livräddare and Medtech4Health Innovation Award.