Optolexia raises 50 M SEK to enter the US market

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Optolexia porträtt

Since the commercial project was initiated in 2013, Optolexia has been extremely successful in developing a tool for dyslexia screening in children at school age. The company has now attracted an investment of 50 million SEK to cross the Atlantic and enter the US market. 

Optolexia is one of the companies that has been developed with support from KI Innovations. The project, based on research from Karolinska Institutet, has succesfully developed a tool that tracks eye movements of children in order to find early indications of dyslexia and is today operated by the company Optolexia with 14 employees. As a part of their international expansion, the company aims to establish a sales organization for the US market. To finance the US introduction, the company has now raised 50 million SEK.

– The US market is very interesting to us. There is an increased awareness around the problems asscociated with dyslexia and it is acknowledged that early efforts to help children with dyslexia are of great value, says Fredrik Wetterhall, CEO.

Optolexia is now working on pilot projects in four states in the US. The company says that everything looks good and that they aim to be commercially established in the US before summer 2017.

Read more at Optolexia.se.

Optolexia’s  screening tool records eye movements in children in order to identify signs of dyslexia at an early stage. The tool consists of a small camera that records eye movements that are analyzed with algorithms based on clinical data from children with and without dyslexia. The Swedish customers are both municipalities and schools. During 2016, 1500 children were screened, a number that is predicted to be substantially higher in 2017. The company is also looking at other fields of application.