DRIVE – increased focus on business development

We dedicate focus and time to the teams that have chosen to work with us

Projects that have been through the START program can apply for the DRIVE program – the KI Innovations incubator process.

Within DRIVE, KI Innovations continues to support verification with increased focus on business development.

An experienced business developer is assigned to each DRIVE program project. Besides helping research scientists refine business models, the developer introduces them to relevant partners, potential buyers, and investors. Researchers participate in value-creating training, in which they get advice on the art of presenting their projects in an attractive, audience-focused way.

At this stage, many scientists feel that it may be useful to physically separate research from commercialization. To enable this, KI Innovations gives researchers in the DRIVE program free access to office space. Through KI Innovations’ collaboration with the Karolinska Institutet Science Park, DRIVE participants may use meeting rooms and participate in seminars and mentoring programs.

Within the DRIVE+ concept, KI Innovations may, at its own discretion, make small investments in projects or companies. DRIVE+ is open to companies within the DRIVE program and the investment is linked to a clear action plan.

Do you want more information about incubation within DRIVE? Don’t hesitate to contact Christian Krog-Jensen: