A healthier future through innovation!

We at KI Innovations are here to provide support and guidance so that more of the fantastic ideas from Karolinska Institutet can contribute to a healthier future for us all

At the Karolinska Institute, world-leading research continually improves our understanding of the human body and its diseases. We take for granted that research will result in scientific papers but it’s far from given that scientists will also take steps to transform their ideas into products and services of value to society.

We help in all aspects of developing a commercial product from research results.

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Just curious?

Are you excited by a new research discovery and maybe on the trail of a brand-new product or treatment that solves a significant problem? Are you wondering what to do next? Then you’ve come to the right place! Keep reading to find out how we can help you.

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Your idea

To succeed with a commercial project, a scientist needs to think in terms quite different from laboratory results and academic merits. Within KI Innovation’s so-called START program, we get started in helping you analyze the possibilities for transforming your discovery into a product or service. 

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Business Incubator

Projects that have undergone our START program can apply for KI Innovation’s incubator business, DRIVE. Within DRIVE, we continue with verifying activities, but with an increased focus on business development. 

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Unsure whether your idea holds up?

We are interested in all ideas regardless of how far you’ve come in the process, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Click the button below for our business coaches’ contact details and we will help you!

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KI Innovations presents its new board

Published 23 May, 2018News

KI Innovations is pleased to announce its new Board, which is strengthened with two additional experts. Hans Möller, is the new CEO of Karolinska Institutet...

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KI Innovations newsletter June 2018

Published 26 June, 2018News

Welcome to KI Innovations newsletter. With this newsletter we wish you a relaxing summer holiday and we look forward to new and exciting adventures...

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Great success for the 1st UTILE Business and innovation Workshop

Published 21 June, 2018News

As a member and active partner in the UTILE Project, funded by the European Commission under the H2020 Funding Programme we are pleased to...

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